Kaye Media Partners

Kaye Media Partners is a marketing and media technology company that helps businesses and customers maximize their online and offline experiences with the people that matter the most. Our mobile applications taps into our creative side and allows Kaye Media a key opportunity to directly connect with consumers through through the medium that almost every American has in their possession - their cell phone. We create lifestyle apps that help consumers who are on-the-go.Our premise is that life is hard enough. Wouldn't it be nice to have something that makes it just a little bit easier every day? We're working on it - one app at a time!

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My Pesky Receipts

You know that piece of paper you get EVERY TIME you make a purchase? It's that same paper you stuff in your wallet, pocket or handbag and then have to store somewhere in case you need to make a return, balance your bills or categorize for your tax return. In this day and age, don't you think storing paper is somewhat archaic? 

With myPeskyReceipts you can go paperless and still keep the necessary documentation you need to manage your budget by easily categorizing your receipts on the go. Available in the Android Market!